How you can Bypass the Parking Braking mechanism Hookup on the Pioneer DVD Player

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If you have a car with a Leader DVD player, it may end up being that the head unit is born to the car parking brake system. The purpose of this is certainly to prevent the driver out of watching video while driving a vehicle, as this could be distracting.

How to Sidestep the Parking Brake Hookup

There are several methods to bypass the hookup between your Auto dvd player and the braking system in your vehicle. Probably the most popular methods is always to disconnect the wire through the DVD player and connect it to the black perspective wire within your vehicle.

Another method is to install a MicroBypass button that will allow you to watch movies while you drive. This is the best way to get the most away of your entertainment while you’re driving.

How to Take away the Plastic Trim

To avoid the parking brake hookup on a Master head device, you need to initially remove the plastic trim. This certainly will be done carefully so that you usually do not damage the stereo.

The next phase is to locate the parking brake pedal wire plus the ground wire. These can be found at the back of the top unit.

You will need a cable stripper and a pair of needle-nose pliers to clear out the wiring. Follow the instructions in your head unit’s instruction manual intended for guidance.

There after, cut the parking brake pedal wire in half and break up it to expose the 2 ends. Therefore, remove the insulation from both equally sides of each end. Keep about a quarter-inch of exposed line on each side. Then, connect the ends together and secure these electrical tape or an end cap.

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